Why Every Electrician Website Needs To Have An About Us Page


14Ever wonder why almost all websites including electrician websites, or small business websites, use About Us page? Ever wonder why it’s necessary for you to have one as well?

If you’re not convinced, below are a few reasons why using an About Us page on your electrician website is essential.

It Eliminates Ambiguity

Most visitors will have questions as soon as they arrive on your electrician website from https://linknow.com/blog/affordable-website-design/electrical-contractor-website-design. One important question you need to answer is “are your services suitable for me?” And you About Us page will be able to respond to that. It allows your visitors to learn exactly what it is that you do or the scope of your services.

It Promotes Uniqueness

Most often than not, you’ll find countless of businesses fighting over the same customer. This is why you need to find a way to make your business stand out. You can use your About Us page and talk about your strengths. You can convince website visitors and potential customers, especially when it’s written in such a way that is centered to them, your uniqueness or your ‘edge’, is still very useful for them.  Check this out: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/jayson-demers/seo-tips_b_2770713.html.

It Boosts Sales And Conversion

By using an About Us page, you will be able to effectively convince visitors to convert into customers, especially when you manage to make your About Us page more about them and less about you. How? You simply have to tackle what’s in it for them, why they should trust you, and why you’re a much better choice over other electricians.

Don’t shy away from adding a little bit of passion. If you’re good at something or specializing a particular service, say so. A little genuine emotion and some personality goes a long way especially in helping setting you apart from the crowd.

However, make sure that every time you talk about your expertise, awards, experiences, etc., imagine your website visitors saying “so what?” In so doing, you’ll be able to come up with an About Us page that’s more customer-centered, relevant, compelling, useful, interesting, and believable. In saying so, an About Us page is not just a page where you can brag about your brand, experiences, strengths and expertise. It’s actually way more than that.

You want to have an About Us page because you want to establish trust and credibility. Especially because you know that it’s essential to build trust and credibility first and foremost if you want to be able to become more effective at improving sales and conversions easily and effectively by doing so. Visit https://linknow.com/blog/affordable-website-design/electrical-contractor-website-design for more sample ideas.


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